Huge Termite Nest in Woombye


I’m on a farm out at Woombye and I’ve just opened up this tree and there are Nasute termites running all over it.

Looks like there’s a big nest inside here. This is typical of Nasutes. They do climb and they can make arboreal nests also.

They’re also some winged termites up here. They’re the reproductive ones and they’re called Alates.

They climb to the top of the tree and then fly from there so they can get as far away from the tree as possible and set up a new nest.

So I’m just ripping away at the bark here and there’s just thousands and thousands of termites in this nest – they’re just spilling out everywhere – hundreds and thousands of them.

The little black ants are coming in and trying to clean them up as well – natural attrition – there’s the little black ants working down here getting as many termites as they can.

This is just an absolutely huge nest.