Is Your Pool Fence Compliant?

Is your pool fence compliant? Have you looked over your neighbouring fence? Here is a great example where the pool fence looked great.. however when we looked over the neighbouring fence there were various Climbable Rails on 2 different properties. The options for rectification are as simple as either installing 60 degree timber wedges to […]

Simple Checks to Ensure your Pool is Safe!

Does Your Pool Comply with Current Safety Laws? 1. Does your Pool Gate open outwards and self close & latch? 2. Is your Pool Fence 1200mm in height from the finished Ground Level? Are there any Gaps breather than 100mm wide? 3. Are there any Climbable Objects within 900mm of the outside of the fence? […]

What Makes a Safe Pool Fence?

Pool fence regulations: What does a safe fence look like? Last summer was particularly devastating for drowning deaths: on our beaches, in waterholes and in backyard pools. Royal Life Saving statistics tragically inform us that the majority of toddlers and children who drown do so in backyard swimming pools, with a large proportion caused by […]

Pool Safety Laws in NSW

Having a pool on your property may be fun and relaxing, but it also entails responsibility. Owners must take precautions to make sure the pool area is safe. New amendments to laws published in New South Wales in 2012 focus on protecting young children from accessing the pool area. The Office of Local Government administers […]