Bull Ants in the Garden & How to avoid Them | BPI Building & Pest Inspections

Boy are these guys aggressive! This is a Bull Ant & if found in your garden best avoid them. Bull ants are extremely aggressive, and are known to hunt larger insect species and bite humans to defend themselves. They will even launch towards their victim which is why they also go by the name Jumping […]

Hot Water System or Ticking Time Bomb?

Hot Water System or Ticking Time Bomb?Often items such as Hot Water Systems, Air-Conditioning Systems, Solar Panels, Swimming Pool Systems are overlooked during the Property Buying process but they can lead to you having to fork out thousands of dollars if they are not functional or are in poor condition. It is recommended that these […]

Your Guide to Good Home Maintenance

When it comes to home maintenance and preventing building defects, a little maintenance can prevent a host of major issues that may crop up later on down the road. Discover some of the most serious home maintenance issues that a homeowner may encounter, and you’ll be able to prevent or mitigate several troublesome issues. A […]