Hear Live Coptotermes Clicking Through This Timber!

In this video here, Chris again shows us some termite damage. This time we can hear live Coptotermes (the sound is their mandibles clicking together). Luckily for this homeowner, the damage is isolated to the architrave along the top and a bit down the side. The termites have entered this house through the sub floor […]

Extensive Termite Damage To This Home

In this video, Chris Jacobson from BPI Sunshine Coast Central & South shows us the extent that termite damage can do to a home. In this example, the primary cause of the termites getting into the home was the lack of maintenance of the termite barrier and a water leak at the air conditioning system. […]

Should I get a building inspection before making an offer?

When you’re in the market for a new home, you may not be expecting everything in the house to meet your personal preferences, but you probably expect the house to be structurally sound and safe for your family to live in. Many buyers think they’ll be able to tell if a house is safe and […]

Annual Pest Inspections Prevent Damage

The aged occupant of a house at Kenmore was not aware of the damage that was being inflicted onto her house over an extended period of time.   BPI Building and Pest Inspections found extensive damage to various walls, some of which would collapse if lent on too hard, and to a structural ceiling beam […]

Roof Defects Found in Building & Pest Inspection at Rosemount

BPI Building & Pest Inspections were out inspecting a property at Rosemount and came across the following building defects. Cracked Tiles & Broken Tiles Leaves in the Valleys Leaves in the Gutters Water damage to the below roof and flashings Water penetration into ceilings and below BPI recommends all gutters all gutter and valleys be […]