High Moisture Reading During Building Inspection

High moisture reading check High soil/gardens covering the brick weepholes & damp proof barrier ? This is the perfect scenario for moisture ingress & concealed termite attack! Concealed weepholes & termite barriers is one of the most common defects we come across and one of the easiest to prevent. Ensure all weepholes are exposed by 75mm clearance @ Gold […]

Are There Termites in Your Bathroom?

Here we find live termites under a Bathroom…. Water leaks, poor ventilation & untreated timbers create perfect conditions for termites! Luckily, these guys were caught in time. When was the last time your subfloor was inspected?

How do I protect my house from termites?

Low decks, they look great right? BUT do they have adequate termite protection where they abut the house?? If not, this situation may allow concealed termite attack. Many decks cover the physical termite barriers, exposed slab edges & brick weep holes. Ensure you either: Leave a visual gap between the deck & building/slab edge. Or […]

Another Snake in the Roof Void!

Crikey! Check out this little beauty! Always a good adrenalin rush when your torch flashes upon a snake in a roof void ?? The exciting life of a Building & Pest Inspector!

Bull Ants in the Garden & How to avoid Them | BPI Building & Pest Inspections

Boy are these guys aggressive! This is a Bull Ant & if found in your garden best avoid them. Bull ants are extremely aggressive, and are known to hunt larger insect species and bite humans to defend themselves. They will even launch towards their victim which is why they also go by the name Jumping […]

Video of Snake in Roof Void During Inspection – BPI Building & Pest Inspections

Bumped into another little friend today.. got my inner Steve Irvin on lol!

Termites Love Loose Timber

Termites love loose timber laying around, especially pine off cuts, railway sleepers & timber pallets! It is an old wives tale that if you leave timber around outside, Termites won’t touch your house. The only way to guarantee your property is safe, is to keep your property clean & tidy of loose timber and debris, […]

What is a Weep Hole?

Hi guys, just talking about weep holes today. A weep hole is a brick joint that doesn’t have mortar in it. It’s designed to allow any moisture that might get into the cavity, inside the wall, to escape when there’s excess water and also allows air flow in the cavity.

Live Schedorhinotermes Enjoying a Feed.. A Little Too Close To The House For My Liking!

Live Schedorhinotermes enjoying a feed.. a little too close to the house for my liking. Ensure your yard is kept free of untreated timbers, logs & tree stumps and that your termite barriers are up to date. Have you had your property inspected in the last 12 months? Call us today.

Do we see snakes during building inspections? YES!

People often ask.. do you come across snakes? Yes..Yes, we do!! BUT this is the first time I’ve seen one attack something right in front of me!! Volume up!