Bull Ants in the Garden & How to avoid Them | BPI Building & Pest Inspections

Boy are these guys aggressive! This is a Bull Ant & if found in your garden best avoid them. Bull ants are extremely aggressive, and are known to hunt larger insect species and bite humans to defend themselves. They will even launch towards their victim which is why they also go by the name Jumping […]

How to Tell if Your Termite Barrier is out of Date

Is your Termite Barrier out of date? This termite barrier is no longer valid. Many homeowners are unaware if they have a current barrier in place. Best place to start is to look in the Meter Box & Kitchen Cupboards. Look for a sticker like this one, check to see what type barrier is present, […]

Why A Pre Purchase Building Inspection is Soooo Important!

Newly renovated home. Fresh paint & new carpets.. Looks great right? BUT unfortunately this is a great example of why a Pre Purchase Inspection is so important! Here you can see sagging ceiling sheeting, detached ceiling battens, previous water penetration & leaks.. defects like this go unnoticed by the untrained eye of an enthusiast buyer. […]

What Factors Affect the Price of a Building and Pest Inspection?

After months of searching, you finally find a property that meets your needs. But how can you be sure that the building and grounds are in good condition? One of the best ways to make sure that your dream home is without significant defects is to have a pre-purchase building and pest inspection before finalising […]

Hear Live Coptotermes Clicking Through This Timber!

In this video here, Chris again shows us some termite damage. This time we can hear live Coptotermes (the sound is their mandibles clicking together). Luckily for this homeowner, the damage is isolated to the architrave along the top and a bit down the side. The termites have entered this house through the sub floor […]

Extensive Termite Damage To This Home

In this video, Chris Jacobson from BPI Sunshine Coast Central & South shows us the extent that termite damage can do to a home. In this example, the primary cause of the termites getting into the home was the lack of maintenance of the termite barrier and a water leak at the air conditioning system. […]

Pool laws in Australia

In Australia, pool laws exist to ensure everyone’s safety. To avoid penalties, fines and accidents, it’s essential to understand the rules and how they vary between states. An inspection by a qualified pool inspector will make sure your pool is compliant. Queensland Standard Safety Laws When buying, selling, or leasing a property with a pool, […]

The Advantage Of a Building Inspection in a Property Assessment

For a great majority of today’s investors, a property health check can equate to a great property deal. It’s an absolute must for the investor to ensure that their chosen property undergoes the proper inspections. It’s important to note that inspection reports can deliver much more than simply peace of mind. It also has the […]

Do Termites Attack Steel Framed Homes?

  As you can see in here we’ve found some live termites and they’ve caused fair bit of damage to the skirting timbers. Now the thing about this find is that it’s a steel framed home. I get told on many occasions that you never find termites in a steel framed home but as you […]

BPI Building & Pest Inspections

Building & Pest Inspections Pty Ltd (BPI) provides home or building pest control and inspection. Our pest control professionals use the latest pest control methods to ensure that insects such as cockroaches, termites, fleas, spiders, rats, mice, black ants, coastal brown ants and silverfish are kept off from buildings, residential homes and even commercial offices. […]