Beware of Decay to Timber Support Stumps!

Always watch out for decay to timber support stump/post bases! On the surface, they may look great.. but it’s what is concealed beneath that could cost you $$$. When probed, this timber support stump base was severely decayed with little to no solid timber left… an additional 7 stumps were also located. At BPI, we […]

Subsidence – What to Do if You Notice Cracks in Your Walls

Cracks in walls, ceilings, flooring or around doors and windows may occur for several reasons. Many cracks are cosmetic and are not serious. However, some cracks may be the result of serious structural problems. If the ground under a building shifts, shrinks or swells, this movement may cause cracks to appear. Subsidence can occur because […]

Poor Drainage Causes Structural Damage

Structural crack to brickwork caused from poor drainage at a Gawler Townhouse . BPI Building and Pest Inspection specialise in: Building Inspections Pest Inspections Builders Warranty Inspections Special Purpose Inspections Tax Depreciation Schedules Pool Safety Inspections Asbestos Inspections Mould Inspections If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other building matter, you […]

The Silent Explosion in Your Home

The Inspector’s Perspective The clay block construction method for houses, and in particular, units, has been very popular over the past couple of decades. It was promoted by masonry manufacturers as a strong, low cost, and low maintenance method of building. The product has proven to be all of these things as time goes by, […]