Gardens Against Buildings | A Breach for Termite Barriers

What’s wrong with this photo? Gardens against buildings are one of the main reasons termites gain concealed access to your home potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage. Gardens breach termite barriers, cover brickwork weep holes & retain moisture. Sure they may look great but it is not worth the risk!

Thermal Imaging Identifying Moisture Ingress Through Blockwork 

Thermal Imaging identifying moisture ingress through block work. The moisture had caused damage to the plasterboard & once removed, concealed mould was present. All BPI Inspectors use Thermal Imaging during all inspections free of charge!

This Cartoon is More Realistic Than You Think!

Unfortunately this cartoon is more realistic than you think! haha Have you had a Termite check lately? Undetected termites can cause structural damage quickly causing thousands to repair and rebuild.

Hear Live Coptotermes Clicking Through This Timber!

In this video here, Chris again shows us some termite damage. This time we can hear live Coptotermes (the sound is their mandibles clicking together). Luckily for this homeowner, the damage is isolated to the architrave along the top and a bit down the side. The termites have entered this house through the sub floor […]

Extensive Termite Damage To This Home

In this video, Chris Jacobson from BPI Sunshine Coast Central & South shows us the extent that termite damage can do to a home. In this example, the primary cause of the termites getting into the home was the lack of maintenance of the termite barrier and a water leak at the air conditioning system. […]

Do Termites Attack Steel Framed Homes?

  As you can see in here we’ve found some live termites and they’ve caused fair bit of damage to the skirting timbers. Now the thing about this find is that it’s a steel framed home. I get told on many occasions that you never find termites in a steel framed home but as you […]

Termite Damage To Floor Joists

As you can see in this video, we’ve got some pretty significant termite damage to these hardwood floor joists. This is underneath a high-set residence and if we have a look around the back, we can actually see the end of the joist has been eaten which is being supported by that steel beam. Now […]

Live Termites Inside House

In this video, we find these termites have made there way up into the ceiling. Here we’ve located some live termite activity which is actually very unique. These are micra serra termites because you can see that they’ve built up behind the packing boxes and they’re not even touching the wall. These packing boxes have […]

Tapping a House For Termite Damage

Why do we tap a around a house during an inspection. Check out this great video of Chris from BPI Sunshine Coast South and Central tapping out a house and coming across some termite damage. Of all the questions that we often get asked while conducting a termite inspection is why do we go around […]

Huge Termite Nest in Woombye

  I’m on a farm out at Woombye and I’ve just opened up this tree and there are Nasute termites running all over it. Looks like there’s a big nest inside here. This is typical of Nasutes. They do climb and they can make arboreal nests also. They’re also some winged termites up here. They’re […]