Termite Damage To Floor Joists

As you can see in this video, we’ve got some pretty significant termite damage to these hardwood floor joists.

This is underneath a high-set residence and if we have a look around the back, we can actually see the end of the joist has been eaten which is being supported by that steel beam.

Now for a timber to lose it’s structural integrity, it has to have less than 70% of the timber still intact so this does need replacing.

Now a good sign that there may have been a termite issue when I first entered the building is obviously this wall has been repaired or replaced at some stage and also so as this door frame.

There are drill holes to the exterior of the block work which indicate that a termite barrier has been carried out.

As I go through here, we can see that there is wall sheeting and ceiling sheeting so there may be concealed termite damage in this area which we will recommend that further invasive inspection of these areas if the client wishes to proceed.