Tapping a House For Termite Damage

Why do we tap a around a house during an inspection. Check out this great video of Chris from BPI Sunshine Coast South and Central tapping out a house and coming across some termite damage.

Of all the questions that we often get asked while conducting a termite inspection is why do we go around tapping the door frames, the window frames, skirtings and architraves?

Well, basically, it’s to test if the timber is nice and solid and there’s no termite damage or termite activity.

Now, to tell the difference between damaged timber and normal timber is to tap and listen to see if the wood is structurally sound and if it’s not, we’ll hear hollow sounds.

In this video, we’ve got nice solid timber in the door frame but when we got to the top, you’ll hear the noise difference.

So at the damaged section, it’s obviously hollow behind – all that’s left is the very surface of that timber.

There are no live termites that we can see here – only termite damage.

I’ll further investigate the rest of the interior of this house with my thermal imaging camera and moisture meter and have a look through all these walls.

I’ll also get up into the roof void and inspect the rest of this house thoroughly.