Special Purpose Inspections

Avoid Claims From Adjoining Property Owners with a

Special Purpose / Dilapidation Report

A comprehensive special purpose / dilapidation report will advise existing defects BEFORE you start construction.

Your building and construction works can result in damage claims from neighbouring property owners, particularly because of the litigious nature of today’s society. Protect yourself and your reputation from false or unjustified claims.

Get independent expert evidence to support you in case of a damages claim

A BPI special purpose / dilapidation Inspection is a smart way to protect your interests before building works commence. If damage claims occur from an adjacent property due to building or construction works, you have expert, independent evidence to support your position.

A BPI consultant  will inspect the building and the surrounding area and provide a comprehensive report that includes a photographic record (if required).  BPI reports record the condition of the property at the time of the inspection and are used by many high profile civil and commercial construction companies in order to protect their interests.

BPI’s professional Building Special Purpose / Dilapidation Report:

  • Protect your company in the event of a future claim
  • Give you peace of mind
  • Are prepared by the most highly qualified building experts
  • Are used by a range of high-profile civil and commercial construction companies
  • Accurately assess residential and commercial buildings, civil infrastructure and street assets
  • Can be undertaken quickly to meet project timeframes

BPI Building Inspection benefits

  • An accepted building expert will inspect the commercial building and the surrounding area and include photographic records where required
  • You will receive a comprehensive electronic report
  • The inspection and the report can be prepared before nearby construction work starts, so that you have a record of the existing conditions to help in case there are claims

BPI Property Inspectors are:

  • Amongst the best and most highly-qualified building experts,
  • Quality endorsed by the Australian Institute of Building Consultants
  • Covered by $5 million professional indemnity insurance, and
  • BPI is covered by $1 million public liability insurance