Pool Inspection Tips

If one has a pool, seeks to own a pool or would want to learn about pool safety standards, then this information is crucial.poll inspection

The local and state government ensures the safety of all swimming pools by enforcing a set of guidelines as stipulated in local government safety laws.

Here are some of the standards included int the 2015 Pool safety laws;

For all Property Owners with a Pool

Anyone who owns a property with a pool has to comply with the new laws by the end of November 2015.

It also includes all landlords and property owners intending to sell their house.

The transfer must have a safety inspection certificate or, an agreement to have compliance requirement passed-off to new owners.

There is provision for buyers to be able to purchase pools without the certificate only if they enter into a formal agreement to acquire the safety certificate themselves

This provision gives the buyers a buffer-zone of 90 days to obtain the inspection certificate.

There are several laws which cover pool fences, outdoor spas, inflatable pools and portable pools.

While not all inflatable pools or portable pools will require a license, it’s important to check with a pool safety inspector regarding the size, exemption and compliance requirements.

The Pool Fence

Do it right: Here are a few pointers to making sure, your pool passes, or has higher chance of passing the Safety Inspection.

  • Are there any areas where children can climb over such as trees etc – fix this. Climbable objects must be 900mm from the fence
  • If there are any windows that open onto the pool – put a fixed grill on them.
  • Make sure the hinges on the gate are in good working order.
  • The safety barrier must be 1200mm from top to bottom.

Important Notes

The pool barrier must meet the requirement of 1200mm. Also, nothing should compromise this level, including any perimeter, variations, or changes.The boundary fences must have nothing to climb on, uncontrolled access, nothing to climb on within 900mm, or the fence .

The gates, and latches have to be self-closing. Any failure in function, leads to a fail in inspection.

As long as, these pointers are observed, you and your ‘mates’ will surely get the certificate and enjoy your pool.

For a qualified pool inspector to come out and make sure your pool passes the safety inspection, locate your local BPI guy here.