New Home Inspections

Knowing when to bring someone in can help ensure your home is always looking its very best, that it is up to code and that you do not need to worry about any problems with the quality of the construction.

The first inspection that is going to take place is a foundation stage inspection.

This looks over the foundation to make sure it’s done correctly. A foundation inspection is one of the most important inspections in the entire process as a weak foundation is going to cause problems with the rest of the house. So, before you move on after having the foundation set, make sure to bring in this inspector.

After you received the all clear form from the foundation inspection, you can have the frame of the building put up. Of course, this also requires a frame stage inspection.

You want to have this inspector come in and look over the frame of the house, which is done before any sort of internal walls are placed into the house. This way, the inspector can make sure all of the fixings and anchors are properly set up. This plays an important role in the structural integrity of the house.

Now that you have the foundation and frame checked off the list you can have the walls installed and the rest of the home is going to begin to come together. After the windows are installed and the outside installation is on, make sure to bring up a waterproofing stage inspector.

This is done not only to check the window installation points to make sure moisture is not going to come into the house bit they also look over the bathrooms to make sure the proper water proofing and flashing has been done. After all, the last thing you want is a leaking bathtub that can cause thousands of dollars in damage later on.

Handover inspectors are going to look over the completed house in order to make sure everything is up to code and that the house is ready for you to begin moving in.