Methamphetamine Inspections Now Offered by BPI!

Methamphetamine Inspection Course Completed.

meth inspections

• Don’t get caught out unknowingly buying a house that has gone undetected as a meth lab / cook house or where there has been heavy use of the drug ice. The chemical residue can seep into soft furnishing, carpets and even walls and ceilings, leaving unwitting new tenants or owners exposed to serious health risks.

• Flinders University PhD researcher Jackie Wright said. “It can also cause breathing difficulty, asthma-type symptoms, behavioural changes, particularly in children, ADHD like behaviour, moodiness, trouble sleeping, vivid dreams and other chronic sleep issues, skin and eye irritation and more.”

She said children were more vulnerable to remaining residue, due to their smaller size and tendency to roll around on carpets and put toys and fingers in their mouth.

• BPI now carry out Meth Laboratory Testing to ensure your family is safe from the costly effects of Meth absorption.

Below is a video on this current epidemic affecting many homes: