Live Termites Inside House

In this video, we find these termites have made there way up into the ceiling.

Here we’ve located some live termite activity which is actually very unique.

These are micra serra termites because you can see that they’ve built up behind the packing boxes and they’re not even touching the wall.

These packing boxes have apparently only been here for about two to three weeks.

The termites have worked their way up to the ceiling and you can see in the video there are 3 mud leads coming down the wall.

The termites have come up here because they’re looking for a moisture source and there’s obviously a leak above this area.

There doesn’t appear to be any structural damage but we may have to do an invasive inspection to see the extent of any damage.

On the outside, there is actually a termite mud lead going up the slab edge which is how they’ve gained access and obviously a termite barrier will be recommended in this case.