Pest Inspections

Is your house or the house you are purchasing affected by termites? CSIRO statistics reveal termites attack 1 in every 5 Australian homes. They cause serious damage to homes costing home owners thousands of dollars in repairs and resulting in the loss of re-sale value to homes that have a history of past damage.

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A BPI Pest Inspection will determine the presence of wood destroying insects such as termites, borers and wood decaying fungi. We use Thermal Camera Technology to help detect these insects in addition to the Australian Standard 4349.3- 2010 and AS 3660 Inspection guidelines. A BPI Timber Pest Report will not only detect and identify the pests but will provide a maintenance plan so you can prevent future attack and ensure that your investment is secure.

Tools use within the Timber Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection Probe/Tapping Device

The probe is used to tap the architraves, skirtings, window reveals and frames, door jams and other timbers for termite damage.

Moisture Meter

Termites live in a high moisture environment so a moisture meter can pick up termite activity.

Thermal Image Camera

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    Thermal Imaging Camera

A Thermal camera is used to scan the walls for “hot” or “cold” spots during the pest inspection. The camera measures the surface temperature of materials and displays that temperature on the screen as variations of black (cold) and white (hot) we can also use colour rather than black & white.

Termite nests, for instance, will usually be hotter than a surface and may show up as a “white” or “hot spot”, while wet areas, such as a roof or shower leak may show up as “black” or “cold” spots.

We use the camera as part of our inspections as an added service. The Thermal Scan is not part of the Australian Standard but it is a worthwhile extra for peace of mind.