[Video] John Pupavc from BPI Gold Coast North Discusses the Importance of Pre Purchase Building Inspections


Paul: Getting a building and pest inspection prior to selling your property can save you time and money down the track and here to tell us more is John from BPI Building and Pest inspections.

Paul: So John, what services does BPI provide?

John: AT BPI, we do comprehensive building and pest reports to Australian standards. With those standards, you get an agreement so the client knows exactly what they’re getting before we arrive and there’s no surprises.

Paul: And why is it a good idea for homeowners to get a building inspection done prior to selling their property?

John: It’s a good question, Paul. The main reason a homeowner should get a building and pest inspection pre inspection – we find all the problems before it goes to contract.

If there are huge issues or concerns, terrific, we can point out it out to the client on the day before it gets to a point of contract.

If it’s cosmetic, we’ll walk the client on the day through the inspection showing them what needs fixing, what’s cosmetic and what’s a serious issue.

Something as small as a leak in a shower can develop into a major renovation to a bathroom and something again, can be just a leaking tap.

Paul: Is there anything in particular that you look for when you’re doing a building and pest inspection?

John: We look at everything. When we start, we tap out all timbers – architraves and skirting boards. We’ll also use a thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter.

Once we identify what the problem is, we can work on either fixing it or getting someone in.

We also check the ceilings, closely for sagging, delamination, major structural defects, walls – not just for moisture, also for cracks and movement.

We also check the kitchens, bathrooms and we get on top of the roof as long as there’s access. We offer pool inspections and certifications. There is a range – so much more.

Paul: Thanks, John! Obviously, building and pest inspections is not only when you’re looking to buy, it’s also when you’re looking to sell that they can be a benefit.

Often I’m asked by locals, when is the best time of year to sell your property and really, most people only own the one home, so it really comes down to a lifestyle decision of upsizing or downsizing, relocating for work, reinvesting in other ways, that kind of decision.

Obviously, any time of the year when you are looking to sell, exposure to the market on websites like www.realestate.com is of critical importance and statistics show that during the autumn month, it’s actually the biggest viewership months during the year.

So what that means is, you’re going to get more genuine buys looking at your property and really any time of year that you do decide to sell, the more competition we can generate amongst buyers, the higher the potential selling price will go.

That’s all for this market update, thank you very much for watching. For any other information in between these reports, please visit pauleaton.com.au.