BPI Building & Pest Inspections

Building & Pest Inspections Pty Ltd (BPI) provides home or building pest control and inspection. Our pest control professionals use the latest pest control methods to ensure that insects such as cockroaches, termites, fleas, spiders, rats, mice, black ants, coastal brown ants and silverfish are kept off from buildings, residential homes and even commercial offices.

For being one of the largest pest control and inspection company in Australia, Building & Pest Inspections Pty Ltd (BPI) has been operational for over eighteen years, we have served a vast number of clients and our clients still come back for us because of the high quality services that we provide.

All our employees and the company itself are secured since it has been and still protected by professional indemnity. Our clients order services from us with confidence since our company and its employees are fully covered.

Pest inspection in buildings, homes, offices and any other relevant places is very important. Pest inspection in buildings can only be compared to when someone buys used car, he or she must need a professional expert to check if there is any default in the car.

Or if a new home or building is constructed, the home or building owner will need a professional and a licensed building inspector with a vast experience to check if there can be any damage presently or in future.

This applies the same to pest inspection in buildings, homes, offices and any other place. When you buy an old building, home, office or any relevant to pest control property. Pest Inspection should be done to the property since the presence of just a single pest can lead to increase in the number of pests after a while.

This can cause damage to your building or the items kept in the building, especially for pest such as termites, ants and rats. It is recommended that even new homes or buildings should also be inspected of pests. This is because some builders may cut corners when building.

We try our best to provide you with our services in time your request. It takes us 48 hours to conduct your ordered service, since we have to prepare a report which is delivered to you on the day of inspection. However for urgent requests, we try to narrow down our time to conduct the inspection in 24 hours right from the moment the order is requested.

We request and encourage you to be present at the inspection site during the inspection, but if your presence is not possible on the inspection date, you can liaise with an agent to give you a report on the work done.

Our building pest inspection services are very affordable. Our pest control services meet the Australian standard AS4349.1 The reports we provide are detailed and simple to understand. If you wish to book for a service with us, you can talk to our friendly staff.