2015 Rates

Rates are never going to stay the same from one year to the next, as the economy is always in fluctuation, which means all of these rates are going to alter as well. So, before going through any sort of purchase, knowing about these different kinds of rates is going to help anyone understand what is going to take place during the year.

First, the unemployment rate is going to change. This is just something that is going to alter from a month to month basis. The unemployment rate is important to consider for anyone who wants to sell their home. A lower unemployment rate means more people are likely to go shopping for a new home. Right now, it is just over six percent, but it is likely to raise just a bit, although there are many deciding factors into this, so the unemployment rate is a bit more difficult to forecast when compared to other numbers.

Beyond this, the federal government right now is looking at increasing the pay of just around 1.5 percent for the next three years. This is a much lower offer for a pay raise than what has taken place in the past. If the private sector growth is low, it is going to keep inflation low due to it and this is going to ultimately hurt consumers who are not able to afford spending. This in turn cuts down on how much manufacturers and sellers are able to obtain from it as well. Right now, the national inflation rate is down to around 2.3 percent, which id down from three percent in June.

Energy prices are going to change as well. Electricity prices dropped 4.4 percent in the September quarter from the previous one and prices overall dropped 5.1 percent for the same time throughout 2013.

All of these different numbers play an impact on how much money someone is able to spend and also what they have money for. So, before buying a home, vehicle, looking for a new job or just about anything else, it is essential to look over all of these different numbers and understand what it means for anything coming up this year.