The Moisture Meter – Why Is It So Important?

What is this device and why is it soo important? This is a moisture meter. At BPI, all our Inspectors use it to detect leaks, damp issues and termite activity. In this picture, we are testing the walls at the rear of the shower to aid in identifying… you guessed it! A leaking shower! Thankfully, […]

Beware of Decay to Timber Support Stumps!

Always watch out for decay to timber support stump/post bases! On the surface, they may look great.. but it’s what is concealed beneath that could cost you $$$. When probed, this timber support stump base was severely decayed with little to no solid timber left… an additional 7 stumps were also located. At BPI, we […]

An Unwanted Water Feature! Burst Water Pipe Causing heaps of $$$

An unwanted water feature! Ever wondered why your water bill is high? These homeowners were unaware of a burst water pipe which had been leaking under their house for quite some time! When brought to their attention their reply was… “Nobodies been under the house in years”. If you haven’t had a Building or Termite […]

Snake in The Roof Void

Snake!!! Always a good heart starter for a Building Inspector in a Roof! Who needs coffee when you have natural adrenaline haha! ??

Made a friend during today’s inspection!

Made a friend during today’s inspection!

See How BPI Use Thermal Imaging To Detect Water Leaks

BPI uses Thermal Imaging! Here our Flir Camera has detected a water leak to the Laundry (indicated by the dark patch on the base of the wall).

How Blocked Drains Can Cause Serious Water Damage

Beware the Blocked Drain! Unfortunately, due to busy life styles & other priorities, many homeowners fail to have time to carry out regular maintenance on their homes. Most home owners are unaware of blocked drains until it is too late. This generally occurs when we least expect it & are hit by a rogue storm!!Blocked […]

The Coptoterme Termite!

Vicious little Bugger! This is a Coptoterme Termite. This species is one of the most aggressive species in Australia & can be very destructive in a short period of time. Interesting fact is, these guys shoot out a white latex as a defence mechanism!

What Rusted Screws Can Do To Your Roof Sheeting

Time for a re-screw ASAP!   1. Rusted screws can bleed into the Roof Sheeting causing rust. 2. Rusted screws can cause wood decay to occur to the Roof Battens beneath the roof sheeting due to lack waterproofing & deterioration of rubber washers. 3. Plus, the more the screws rust, the harder to remove! Rusted […]

Methamphetamine Inspections Now Offered by BPI!

Methamphetamine Inspection Course Completed. • Don’t get caught out unknowingly buying a house that has gone undetected as a meth lab / cook house or where there has been heavy use of the drug ice. The chemical residue can seep into soft furnishing, carpets and even walls and ceilings, leaving unwitting new tenants or owners […]