Amazing Engineering Underneath this House!

The Engineering that goes in to some houses absolutely blows my mind! Steep sloping site & no signs of any significant movement or cracking.. amazing!

Why A Pre Purchase Building Inspection is Soooo Important!

Newly renovated home. Fresh paint & new carpets.. Looks great right? BUT unfortunately this is a great example of why a Pre Purchase Inspection is so important! Here you can see sagging ceiling sheeting, detached ceiling battens, previous water penetration & leaks.. defects like this go unnoticed by the untrained eye of an enthusiast buyer. […]

Dodgy DIY’ers on Renovation TV shows

I love renovation tv shows… watching the stress, the innovation, the end results… But what scares me is the DIYer’s who gain inspiration but fall short on the knowledge & skill required to carry out the work and achieve a safe & high-quality end result. All too often renovations are not built to code, not […]

Get a Load of These Post Stirrups!! How is this Patio Still Standing!

Get a load of these post stirrups!! How is this Patio still standing!

At BPI We Offer you a Thorough Inspection guaranteed!

I’ve been everywhere man.. I’ve been everywhere!! At BPI we offer you a thorough inspection guaranteed.

Breached Waterproofing Identified in Adjacent Subfloor

1. Water penetration / damage noted visually. 2. Moisture meter reading identified high moisture. 3. Thermal Camera confirmed water penetration at base of wall. 4. Poor Drainage / Ponding Water & Breached Waterproofing identified within the adjacent Subfloor. At BPI, our inspectors are well educated, thorough & use the latest in equipment to give you […]

How a Moisture Meter Gives Purchasers Piece of Mind

Water damage to a Door Frame at the rear of a Shower… Looks bad right? With the use of a Moisture Meter, Thermal Camera & Visual Inspection no moisture or leaks could be detected. The home owner was queried & they stated that a leak was present 2 years ago and was repaired, they even […]

The Moisture Meter – Why Is It So Important?

What is this device and why is it soo important? This is a moisture meter. At BPI, all our Inspectors use it to detect leaks, damp issues and termite activity. In this picture, we are testing the walls at the rear of the shower to aid in identifying… you guessed it! A leaking shower! Thankfully, […]

Beware of Decay to Timber Support Stumps!

Always watch out for decay to timber support stump/post bases! On the surface, they may look great.. but it’s what is concealed beneath that could cost you $$$. When probed, this timber support stump base was severely decayed with little to no solid timber left… an additional 7 stumps were also located. At BPI, we […]

An Unwanted Water Feature! Burst Water Pipe Causing heaps of $$$

An unwanted water feature! Ever wondered why your water bill is high? These homeowners were unaware of a burst water pipe which had been leaking under their house for quite some time! When brought to their attention their reply was… “Nobodies been under the house in years”. If you haven’t had a Building or Termite […]