See How BPI Use Thermal Imaging To Detect Water Leaks

BPI uses Thermal Imaging! Here our Flir Camera has detected a water leak to the Laundry (indicated by the dark patch on the base of the wall).

How Blocked Drains Can Cause Serious Water Damage

Beware the Blocked Drain! Unfortunately, due to busy life styles & other priorities, many homeowners fail to have time to carry out regular maintenance on their homes. Most home owners are unaware of blocked drains until it is too late. This generally occurs when we least expect it & are hit by a rogue storm!!Blocked […]

The Coptoterme Termite!

Vicious little Bugger! This is a Coptoterme Termite. This species is one of the most aggressive species in Australia & can be very destructive in a short period of time. Interesting fact is, these guys shoot out a white latex as a defence mechanism!

What Rusted Screws Can Do To Your Roof Sheeting

Time for a re-screw ASAP!   1. Rusted screws can bleed into the Roof Sheeting causing rust. 2. Rusted screws can cause wood decay to occur to the Roof Battens beneath the roof sheeting due to lack waterproofing & deterioration of rubber washers. 3. Plus, the more the screws rust, the harder to remove! Rusted […]

Methamphetamine Inspections Now Offered by BPI!

Methamphetamine Inspection Course Completed. • Don’t get caught out unknowingly buying a house that has gone undetected as a meth lab / cook house or where there has been heavy use of the drug ice. The chemical residue can seep into soft furnishing, carpets and even walls and ceilings, leaving unwitting new tenants or owners […]

Termite Barriers Breach an Antcap

This photo shows how Termites have breached an Antcap (physical barrier) and gained access into the interior of the house. Physical barriers are great if they are regularly checked for termite workings and if they are in good condition. At least 6-12 monthly termite inspections are strongly recommended of all physical barriers by a qualified […]

Simple Checks to Ensure your Pool is Safe!

Does Your Pool Comply with Current Safety Laws? 1. Does your Pool Gate open outwards and self close & latch? 2. Is your Pool Fence 1200mm in height from the finished Ground Level? Are there any Gaps breather than 100mm wide? 3. Are there any Climbable Objects within 900mm of the outside of the fence? […]

BPI Now in Ipswich and Brisbane West!

Meet Jacob McKechnie @ BPI Ipswich & Brisbane West. As the director and owner of BPI Ipswich, Jacob is a fully licensed Builder, Carpenter, Pest Technician and Building Inspector. Jacob has been in the Building Industry for over 14 years. Jacob’s building experience is wide-ranging and includes domestic low set properties, commercial and government buildings, […]

5 Property Market Trends to Expect in 2018

It’s the question on the lips of Australia’s property punters, homeowners and wannabe buyers: what will the property market do in 2018? It’s now clear that 2017 will go down as the year that saw some of Australia’s hottest property markets switch gear following a five-year streak that saw Sydney’s median house price pile on […]

New Laws for Non Conforming Building Products

On 1 November new laws came into effect giving the QBCC powers to clean up unsafe building sites and rid the supply chain of dodgy building products. For the first time, building product safety laws now apply to everyone in the building product supply chain. Non confirming building products and the building industry Under the […]