Have You Noticed a Mound Like This in Your Backyard?

Termite nests can be found in trees, tree stumps or like in this case as a ground mound. This mound is the size of a basketball due to the length of time it has gone unnoticed. If you see something like this on your property then immediately contact your local Pest Manager to undertake a […]

Now This is Some Serious Termite Damage!

This was located behind a shower / cupboard. Only minimal evidence of a mud lead was noted in the roof void… but once the sheets came off.. OMG!

Breached Waterproofing Identified in Adjacent Subfloor

1. Water penetration / damage noted visually. 2. Moisture meter reading identified high moisture. 3. Thermal Camera confirmed water penetration at base of wall. 4. Poor Drainage / Ponding Water & Breached Waterproofing identified within the adjacent Subfloor. At BPI, our inspectors are well educated, thorough & use the latest in equipment to give you […]

How a Moisture Meter Gives Purchasers Piece of Mind

Water damage to a Door Frame at the rear of a Shower… Looks bad right? With the use of a Moisture Meter, Thermal Camera & Visual Inspection no moisture or leaks could be detected. The home owner was queried & they stated that a leak was present 2 years ago and was repaired, they even […]

Don’t Be A Drip! Get Under the Subfloor!

Drip.. drip. drip.. crawled under your house lately! No? Don’t blame you! At BPI we leave no stone unturned, if it’s accessible & safe, we will inspect it. This is an example of a leaking waste pipe which has gone undetected for a long time because it was in the dreaded Subfloor.

Do Termites Eat Treated Timber?

Termites won’t eat Treated Timber… FALSE! Yes, you are better off using treated timber but it does not mean you are not at risk of termite attack & decay. Here is a retaining wall which has suffered termite damage, decay & movement. This is due to age, poor construction & poor drainage. When looking at […]

DIY Tiling in the Bathroom…a Defect We See All The Time!

DIY Tiling… one of the scary defects we come across time & time again! Was the bathroom even waterproofed? Were the tiles adequately fixed? Was the grout mix adequate? Beware the DIY Bathroom.

The Advantages of Cypress Pine Timber

Can you see it?? To the untrained eye, this is a typical roof space But this house has been built out of Cypress Pine timber. Cypress Pine is Termite Resistant and has a Class 1 Natural durability rating. Now, this doesn’t mean you won’t have termite issues with your property, but in many cases, it […]

The Moisture Meter – Why Is It So Important?

What is this device and why is it soo important? This is a moisture meter. At BPI, all our Inspectors use it to detect leaks, damp issues and termite activity. In this picture, we are testing the walls at the rear of the shower to aid in identifying… you guessed it! A leaking shower! Thankfully, […]

Rising Moisture Found By Thermal Imaging Camera!

A great example of the Thermal Imaging Camera in action! Here we have located rising moisture in the base of a blockwork wall covered by plasterboard. BPI inspectors use Thermal Camera during all Inspections to aid in detecting moisture issues, leaks & termite activity. ????