Meth Contamination is Fast Becoming a Major Issue in Homes Around Australia

It is the hidden danger that could be unknowingly affecting your family or investment property. Whether your home is freshly painted, renovated or even recently new, if Meth has been previously used or produced within your property, you could be at risk. At BPI, we carry out laboratory Methamphetamine Testing, contact us for further information.

Can You Spot the Termite Damage?

Insulation can make it very difficult to identify concealed termite damage. Before inspecting this roof void, I identified a previous partial termite barrier & noted evidence of previously repaired & painted timbers within the residence. Once in the roof void, surprise surprise, damage was located beneath the insulation. Ensure you have a qualified & experienced […]

Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover!

This house is immaculate, beautifully styled, renovated bathroom.. but unfortunately underneath.. rusted steel posts, damp soil, conducive termite conditions! At BPI, we give you a detailed inspection so you know what you’re really buying.

Dodgy DIY’ers on Renovation TV shows

I love renovation tv shows… watching the stress, the innovation, the end results… But what scares me is the DIYer’s who gain inspiration but fall short on the knowledge & skill required to carry out the work and achieve a safe & high-quality end result. All too often renovations are not built to code, not […]

Get a Load of These Post Stirrups!! How is this Patio Still Standing!

Get a load of these post stirrups!! How is this Patio still standing!

Is Your Pool Fence Compliant?

Is your pool fence compliant? Have you looked over your neighbouring fence? Here is a great example where the pool fence looked great.. however when we looked over the neighbouring fence there were various Climbable Rails on 2 different properties. The options for rectification are as simple as either installing 60 degree timber wedges to […]

Decks Against Houses Look Great Right?

Decks against houses look great right? However, many decks are built by DIY’ers and unfortunately they Breach the Termite Barriers potentially allowing concealed termite attack. Here is an example where the deck has been built correctly. A Chemical Reticulation System has been installed beneath the deck against the Building prior to construction. Alternative termite barriers […]

At BPI We Offer you a Thorough Inspection guaranteed!

I’ve been everywhere man.. I’ve been everywhere!! At BPI we offer you a thorough inspection guaranteed.

Timber Pallets are Like Cheese Cake to Termites!

Wholly Termites!! Found these guys in Timber Pallets only 15m from a house. Timber pallets are like cheese cake to Termites! Ensure you remove all loose timbers, bark chip & tree stumps from your property as they are highly conducive to Termite Attack.

Hot Water System or Ticking Time Bomb?

Hot Water System or Ticking Time Bomb?Often items such as Hot Water Systems, Air-Conditioning Systems, Solar Panels, Swimming Pool Systems are overlooked during the Property Buying process but they can lead to you having to fork out thousands of dollars if they are not functional or are in poor condition. It is recommended that these […]