How a Pre-Sale Inspection Can Help You Avoid Nasty Surprises and Make Sure You Get the Sale Price You’re Looking For

If you are selling your home, having a pre-sale building and pest inspection can help you in several ways. First, an inspection can identify defects or problems that you may not know are present. If no significant defects are found, a pre-sale inspection document that the property is in good condition. Finally, a pre-sale inspection […]

Renegotiating Price After a Building Inspection

Buying a house is a costly endeavour. The average price of a home in Australia rose to $656,800 in March 2017. Although home prices vary by area, purchasing a home is a major financial obligation and a long-term investment. You want to make sure that the home you buy is sound and without significant problems. […]

What Factors Affect the Price of a Building and Pest Inspection?

After months of searching, you finally find a property that meets your needs. But how can you be sure that the building and grounds are in good condition? One of the best ways to make sure that your dream home is without significant defects is to have a pre-purchase building and pest inspection before finalising […]

[Video] John Pupavc from BPI Brisbane South Discusses the Importance of Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Paul: Getting a building and pest inspection prior to selling your property can save you time and money down the track and here to tell us more is John from BPI Building and Pest inspections. Paul: So John, what services does BPI provide? John: AT BPI, we do comprehensive building and pest reports to Australian […]

How to Pass a Building Inspection With Flying Colours

Having a building inspection may be a stressful event for you however, being prepared and understanding what happens during the inspection can significantly ease your fears. A building inspector compares the condition of your home and property with properties of similar construction and age. Professional building inspectors may be hired by either a buyer or a […]

What to Expect from the Australian Property Market in 2017

It may not hit the boomtime peaks of 2013, but a survey of property analysts shows most are predicting solid growth in the price of houses in 2017. It’s a different story for apartments, and indeed for all property in “gloomtime” cities Perth and Darwin where analysts have consistently predicted more price falls. But if […]

How Getting The Right Building Inspector Can Make a BIG Difference

When searching for a new home with a budget of about $3 million, acupuncturist Houng Lau turned down the chance of buying existing pest and building reports offered to her by real estate agents on two properties.

Changes To QLD’s Fire Alarm Legislation

Action by the Queensland State Government requires significant changes to fire alarm legislation. New laws that will make photoelectric smoke alarms mandatory for all Queensland homes are intended to improve safety, according to a statement from the Government. The changes take effect on Jan. 1 2017 and they apply to all new dwellings and substantially […]

How Much Does A Building Inspection Cost?

A pre-purchase building inspection conducted by a qualified inspector can provide home buyers with a number of invaluable insights. For example, it will: Unearth potentially expensive or dangerous building defects Evaluate the building’s ability to cope with local environmental issues Provide peace of mind that the property purchase is a sound investment Determine whether there […]

Report: Apartment Building Defects Greatest Concern For Owners

A recent study that was performed by Queensland’s Griffith University has concluded that building defects are the primary challenge of unit owners. Professor Christopher Guilding’s national survey of both owners and renters of apartments found that building defects, whether from poor construction or building quality, are the number one concern. For strata lawyers, it’s also […]