Video of Snake in Roof Void During Inspection – BPI Building & Pest Inspections

Bumped into another little friend today.. got my inner Steve Irvin on lol!

Termites Love Loose Timber

Termites love loose timber laying around, especially pine off cuts, railway sleepers & timber pallets! It is an old wives tale that if you leave timber around outside, Termites won’t touch your house. The only way to guarantee your property is safe, is to keep your property clean & tidy of loose timber and debris, […]

How’s This For a Termite Nest in a Roof Void?

How’s this for a termite nest in a roof void. Yummy Jarrah ? Our BPI Inspector in Rockingham WA, Phil Lean was lucky not to fall through the ceiling frames on this one! Great video Phil!

What is a Weep Hole?

Hi guys, just talking about weep holes today. A weep hole is a brick joint that doesn’t have mortar in it. It’s designed to allow any moisture that might get into the cavity, inside the wall, to escape when there’s excess water and also allows air flow in the cavity.

Live Schedorhinotermes Enjoying a Feed.. A Little Too Close To The House For My Liking!

Live Schedorhinotermes enjoying a feed.. a little too close to the house for my liking. Ensure your yard is kept free of untreated timbers, logs & tree stumps and that your termite barriers are up to date. Have you had your property inspected in the last 12 months? Call us today.

Do we see snakes during building inspections? YES!

People often ask.. do you come across snakes? Yes..Yes, we do!! BUT this is the first time I’ve seen one attack something right in front of me!! Volume up!

How to Tell if Your Termite Barrier is out of Date

Is your Termite Barrier out of date? This termite barrier is no longer valid. Many homeowners are unaware if they have a current barrier in place. Best place to start is to look in the Meter Box & Kitchen Cupboards. Look for a sticker like this one, check to see what type barrier is present, […]

Amazing Engineering Underneath this House!

The Engineering that goes in to some houses absolutely blows my mind! Steep sloping site & no signs of any significant movement or cracking.. amazing!

Why A Pre Purchase Building Inspection is Soooo Important!

Newly renovated home. Fresh paint & new carpets.. Looks great right? BUT unfortunately this is a great example of why a Pre Purchase Inspection is so important! Here you can see sagging ceiling sheeting, detached ceiling battens, previous water penetration & leaks.. defects like this go unnoticed by the untrained eye of an enthusiast buyer. […]

Poor Drainage and Ponding Issues

Nothing like consistent wet weather to highlight poor drainage & ponding issues. Most homes have that area that is notorious for still being damp for a week after the last rain or a high tide marks left on the bases of the fences. These areas can often benefit for some yard drains, ag-line drains & […]